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Okay, okay, okay...

We got booted from our classroom, so now we are taking notes from a video on computers. How nice! But since the movie hasn't started yet, I can hardly keep myself from bloggin with compy right in front of me and I don't even have another thing to do. Sooo... here is some school time humor...

Tammi: What is the term for your period?
Tamie: Men.

Also, it's a shame that I didn't bust out my notes because I figured out the medical term for saggy boobs. I know it's immature, but far be it from me to self-diagnose something that no one will dispute. :P

So, I am practicing typing with home row. My goodness I suck. None more for this.

As for my normal rambling: Josh is asking me and Aaron to compete with him to see who can get to 70 first so that we can all start trying to level together when the new Warcraft expansion comes out. First, I am not *THAT* into the game, and second, he has a 4 level head start! Like I am going to be able to make that up.

Aaron got paid today. Yayayayayayay! I am rich! I get to pay bills! D'oh. I really wanted to go shopping. Okay... back to class.

Edit: AUAUAUAUAAAUUUGH! Last night I figured tht I needed to get at least an 86% on all of my tests from here on out to get an "A" in Anatomy. Today... on my test. I got... an 85%!!!!!!!! WWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I have 3 more chances to pull up my grade. Wish me luck!


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Oct. 1st, 2008 11:04 pm (UTC)
Hurray school blogging! There's something strangely deviously about it, isn't there? Good luck!
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