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Ah, love... love...

How troublesome.

27 February 1982
I have graduated. I am married. I am trying to find a job. Sooo... basically I am sitting here rotting while waiting for the laundry to dry. It's a good life. :D

Since the last time I updated my profile, I have graduated college with a degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. And I decided that what I actually got my degree in is nothing that I could ever enjoy doing for a living. Sorry mom and dad! So, it looks like I am going to get my certification in medical billing. Unfortunately, this is another year of school. But on a positive note, the first semester is all over the net so I can still stay home and keep up the house. I feel kind of lame about not having a job by now, but Aaron has been very supportive. He understands that it's important to me to know that whatever job I get could support the us if the need should arise. Plus, with the dwindling job market, now is the time to get more education since it's nearly impossible to get a job anyway.

Aaron is my husband. We were married in April in front of our family and very close friends. It was awesome. Everyone thought that our ceremony was really nice. The church was decorated beautifully with gold and butterflies. And the reception was the bomb! We went to The Melting Pot and had tons of different types of fondue. :9 Not to mention that we and all our attendants looked beeeautiful. I love how the pictures came out, and since I really love pictures, that's a good thing.

Our little family of pets has changed in the past year. Fannie and Marley the mice are now gone. However, we now have R2 the snail and Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear, and Jack the new fish. R2 is with Maestro in their own little bowl. (Maestro is a beta.) And the rest are in a 50 gallon tank in the entryway to the house we are renting. It seems like every year for Valentine's Day me and Aaron get more fish. Maybe next V-Day we can get a couple of those little swimming frogs. :)

Besides that, I still spend a ton of time with my family. I take at least one major trip each month to see someone. Especially since Aaron's family live 4 hours away. It makes getting out of debt a slow process (especially with me not working) but both Aaron and I think it is important. And he can't say it's not. The next major trip we're taking is to see his friend Eric in Tampa. Which should be awesome because I am okay friends with Eric as well. Oh and that he got us passes to Busch Gardens for when we come. Yay!

Anyway, that is a glimpse into my world. I hope you liked what you saw.